Devanti 2.4L Stainless Steel Portable Ice Cube Maker

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Devanti 2.4L Stainless Steel Portable Ice Cube Maker

Capable of making 9 cubes every 6, the Ice Cube Maker can also do two different sizes of its crystalline bullet-shape cubes. Simply select your size option on the LED display and press start. You can easily monitor, through the inspection window, the water level or when the ice container is full and there is an automatic shut-off when the water level is low. A convenient water drainage plug lets water out easy too. 
The entire countertop unit comprises of a stainless steel casing for durability and has non-slip feet to keep it firmly in place. It operates so quietly and efficiently and the large fan keeps the heat dissipated effectively without causing any bother. Not least, the Ice Maker is suitable for both home and commercial use.

* Portable countertop design
* Stainless steel casing
* 9 ice cubes in every 6 minutes
* 9 stainless steel evaporator spikes
* 2.4L water tank 
* LED control panel 
* 2 ice cube sizes 
* Bullet-shaped ice 
* Ice full and low water level indication 
* Inspection window
* Non-slip feet
* Convenient water drainage plug 
* Large heat dissipation fan 
* High efficiency and energy saving
* Quiet operation 
* Suitable for home and commercial use

* Power voltage AC 220-240V/ 50-60Hz
* Power rating: 90W
* Water tank capacity: 2.4L
* Ice making capacity: 12kg/ 24hr
* Ice bin capacity: 0.75kg
* Cycle: 9 cubes per 6-11 minutes
* Ice size: S and L

Package Contents
* 1 x Ice Maker
* 1 x Ice Scoop
* 1 x User Manual