Artiss 4 Chest of Drawers Storage Cabinet - White

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Storage Table With Four Drawers

With its focus on simple lines and practical usage, you will find the Malmo Tallboy is right up your wish of desired furniture pieces for your contemporary home.
Made with durable 15mm particle board, the Malmo Tallboy has a unique two-tone finish that adds to its designesque appeal. Space-wise, the four generous drawers provide ample space for all your clothing essentials. Or, if your prefer, put in the study or living room for more decorative ideas as you create storage for more household items. The slanted legs also give the Tallboy a sturdy stance in addition to developing a character of its own. Not least, the workmanship is commendable with polished steel handles, smooth anti-rust runners and meticulous finishing for a very well-made ensemble.

* Scandinavian Inspired design
* Two-toned design
* 15mm thick Particle Board
* Durable structure
* Four chest of drawers
* Smooth anti-rust runners
* Wide and sturdy legs
* Steel polish handles
* Easy to maintain and clean

* Material: Particle board with Paper Veneer
* Ground clearance: 26.5cm
* Drawar dimension: 69 x 28.7 x 10cm
* Overall dimension: 80 x 40 x 110cm
* Colour: Dark grey and White

Package Content
1 x Console Table
1 x Assembly Manual